What's included in the Starter Kit? 

1 x Porcelain Sprouting Dish

1 x Stainless Steel Drain Plate

1 x Rocket Seed Pad 

1 x Cress Seed Pad

1 x Welcome Booklet & Instructions

What's included in the Refill Seed Pad?

1 x Seed Sachet - Measured perfectly, so you sprinkle the whole lot evenly over your seed pad.

1 x Seed Pad - Made from Coconut & Hemp Fibre. Once used this is designed to go into your food scraps/compost/be dug straight into the garden. Its spray free, but will take a little longer than food to break down. More like a branch!

1 x Sprouting Kit Cover/Instruction Card - This keeps the moisture in until your seeds germinate, then it can be recycled or composted.

Everything included in a seed pad will grow you one crop of microgreens equivalent to a store bought punnet. However you get to consume them a wee bit fresher and avoid the plastic :)

What are the shipping fees?

$7 per order, nationwide or $10 rural nationwide.

How heavy is the Starter Kit?

The Starter Kit weighs 1kg

What size is the Porcelain Sprouting Dish?

125mm wide, 170mm long and 55mm tall

Can I re-use the Seed Pad?

No, it isn't recommended as the roots of the microgreens grow down through the pad. The pad is designed to be nutritious food for your vege patch or compost. It's made from coconut husk and hemp fibre so will add much needed carbon to the compost heap.

Once cut, will the Microgreens grow again?

No, the reason Microgreens are so nutrient dense is because you essentially are eating that first burst of nutrients contained in the seed. Once consumed, you will need to re-sow for another crop.

Do I have to water the Microgreens once I've set up the kit?

No, unless the greens are on a hot sunny window sill or a warm room during peak summer they should be fine. If it is very hot where you are, you may need to top up the dish with water depending on how long it takes you to use your crop of Microgreens. 

What temperature do the Microgreens need to grow?

Microgreens grow ideally between 18-24c. They will grow outside of this range, but will take a bit more time. 

Do Microgreens really grow year round?

Yes! As long as they have the right temperature to germinate (eg. not sat on an external windowsill during winter or by a hot fireplace, they can't be too cold or too hot) and the seeds can maintain moisture until they germinate (eg. not under a heat pump or in a very hot sunny window, where the seeds dry out before they sprout) they will grow absolutely fine year round. They will of course take a day or two longer in the Winter months and be maybe a day or two quicker in Spring/Summer. 

Is the White Fuzz on the base of Microgreens Mould?

No. As the Microgreens are not being grown in soil their "root hairs" are visible. This is a clean white fuzz and is completely harmless, although it does look a little funny. It is a healthy part of the root system that is visible when grown on our seed pads. 

When can I harvest my Microgreens?

As a rule, when they reach about the size of your thumb they are ready to go.  We recommend consuming within a week of them reaching this size. Another option is to snip them all and pop them in an airtight container in your fridge, and get started with the next crop.

I just took the cover off, why are my Microgreens pale yellow?

The Microgreens need natural light to get their deep colours. Don't be put off by the pale yellow, after a day without the lid you will see them take on their proper colours very quickly. 



If you don't see your question here, please contact us at info@livinggreens.nz - we will be more than happy to help!